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Managing short-term projects and meeting long-term goals can be very difficult for any business. If the people working on those projects are not in the same office, the job becomes even more difficult. Project management software solutions are may be able to help.

More and more common in offices or every size, project management software is a life-saver for many brands. Is Wrike the right choice for your company though? Keep reading to learn more about the history of Wrike, as well as some of the most commonly reported pros and cons.

The History Of Wrike

Founded by Andrew Filev, Wrike spent its first days in beta-test mode, with users around the globe jumping on the platform. Fully released in December of 2006, Wrike won the B2B prize at the Le Web 3 Conference in Paris that same year. Wrike is now available for web, iOS, and Android platforms.

Wrike has more than 700 employees in California, Dublin, Melbourne, Kyiv, and St. Petersburg. The software is also available in a variety of languages, including English, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Mandarin, Portuguese and Italian.

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Wrike Pros

Many small business owners and independent contractors rave about Wrike, claiming that it’s one of the best options on the market today. Here are some of the most common pros you’ll find when reading about Wrike:

• Wrike offers a free version. Some project management software brands only offer paid plans. While these often come with a lot of features designed for business, they don’t always fit the budget of smaller brands. Wrike offers a free version that offers a lot of flexibility and many tools that smaller companies need. You can also upgrade to the paid versions of Wrike at any time if you are using the free software.
• Paid versions of Wrike are a great value for the money. Free software is a big benefit for many small companies, but some need more power and flexibility. Paid versions of Wrike deliver that by most accounts. Available for a variety of different sized companies, paid plans are a great option for small 5-person companies all the way up to enterprise-sized businesses.
• The interface is clean. When using a program like Wrike, how it looks can be very meaningful. According to many users, the basic interface is clean and well laid out, allowing them to access the tools they need.
• Reports regarding customer support are generally positive. Regular Wrike users may need to contact the support team from time to time. New users who are having difficulty setting up certain parts of their account may need to reach out for help as well. Most reports regarding customer service are positive, saying that representatives are helpful and answer questions in a timely manner. This matters if you’re using Wrike on a project and you need immediate answers to manage your team and work.

Wrike Cons

Wrike is popular among many companies that use project management tools and software, but not everybody has exclusively positive reviews. Here are some of the cons you’ll find when researching Wrike:

• Wrike is difficult to setup up for some users. While some people choose to pay professionals to set up project management software solutions like Wrike, others choose to do it themselves. Though the GUI is considered very clean by most standards, some people still find Wrike to be confusing to use when they’re first getting started.
• There’s no integrated chat or instant messaging system. Companies that want this feature will need to use a separate piece of software or a program like Slack instead. This can make day to day project management a little more difficult.
• Tracking tools don’t go far enough, which can make billing somewhat difficult to deal with using the Wrike software. Some project management software solutions make it easy to integrate billable hours and invoice. Others actually allow you to create an invoice within the program itself. According to many users, this part of Wrike needs to be updated and upgraded to be fully-functional.
• Some users have reported minor bugs or missing features. Push e-mail notifications seem slow, for example. Others have reported that there is no spell check feature built into the program.

Wrike Bottom Line

Project management services are a valuable addition to your daily workflow. Many smaller, medium-sized and enterprise-level businesses feel like they simply couldn’t work without it anymore. If your employees or independent contractors are all spread out through the city, country or world, you’re likely in the market for this essential software.

Wrike is a popular pick, and for many businesses, it offers a great interface, easy collaboration, and functional tools that help you get the job done without a lot of training. That doesn’t mean that Wrike is without flaws though.

Take your time and shop around for project management software. You may end up choosing Wrike, but there are many other options on the market today. For paid accounts, you’ve got quite a few options available. Free choices abound as well.


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Easy to work with and free as long as I need while I’m starting up, but too hard for me to set up on my own.

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Good customer support, and of course the price is right, but lacking the ability to communicate with my people in real-time.

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Free is the best price for my small business, but billing is difficult.

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