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Pros Accurate web availability | Quick pick up and drop off | Loyalty program with good discounts

Cons Limited locations | Additional fees at airport locations | A bit Expensive

Alamo Rent A Car Review

Alamo Rent A Car is a long established rental company with more than 1,000 locations in over 42 countries around the world.  The company was set up in Florida in 1974 and has a particular commitment to the leisure travel industry. As such, a large proportion of Alamo’s rental locations are at airports. Alamo provides long and short-term car rentals and has a popular free membership program, Alamo Insiders which offers members discounts on car hire as well as special offers. The company has a free app which is compatible with all Android and iOS mobile devices.

Alamo Rent A Car Pros

Alamo offers a home or business pick up and drop off service which is very convenient.  However, this service is not available at airport locations.  One very big plus is that Alamo’s vehicle availability on the company website is very accurate.  On some competitor sites we noticed that some vehicles displayed as available but when we tried to proceed with a reservation, it wasn’t possible to do so.  Alamo gets pretty good reviews from customers online with most people reporting positive customer service, speedy service, and good quality cars.  Alamo Insiders, the company’s loyalty program offers customers 5% on rental rates and gives users access to regular special offers.

Alamo Rent A Car Cons

With just 250 offices in the United States, Alamo is one of the nation’s smaller car rental firms. The majority of Alamo offices are located at airports and unfortunately, this often means that there are additional fees applied for vehicle rentals.   Even outside of the airport locations, Alamo doesn’t offer the lowest prices, generally coming up right in the middle of the price scale. Renters must be at least 21 years old to rent from Alamo (with some exceptions). For renters between the ages of 21 and 25, a young renter fee is applied. This varies depending on the state and the car selected but the average charge is $20 per day.  Alamo has a decent selection of practical cars but there are few luxury or exotic cars available when compared to competitors.  Alamo charges $12 per day for an additional driver.

Alamo Rent A Car Bottom Line

Alamo is a good choice for travelers who are picking up and dropping off at airport locations. Although Alamo is neither the biggest or the cheapest car rental services, there are plenty of positives to report. They have a good loyalty program, a great reputation for customer service and online availability is always up to date. This means that when you reserve a vehicle, it will be there waiting for you and you won’t end up with any disappointing substitutions when you arrive.

How Alamo Rent A Car Works

New customers can sign up immediately for the Alamo Insiders club. This will give you 5% off all future bookings.  To reserve a car on the website, simply enter the dates and location of your requirements and hit search. All available vehicles will be displayed with prepaid and pay when you pick up charges.  Clicking on these will show you a detailed breakdown of the price.  To proceed with the booking, enter your personal and payment details and you’ll receive confirmation onscreen and by email.  Turn up at the rental location with your driver’s license and your car will be ready and waiting.

Cars Offered at Alamo Rent A Car

Most cars offered at Alamo are budget or economy cars. These cars are ideal for travelers since low costs keep overhead down and gas mileage is often quite good. Families and larger groups can benefit from mid-size and SUV vehicles. Sports cars and luxury vehicles are available as well.

As with most rental car companies, availability depends on the location where you want to rent.

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Customer Pick Up/Drop Off Services From Alamo Rent A Car

Alamo Rent A Car does offer pick up and drop off services at many of their locations. However, you’ll need to check in advance that you’re within their radius and that the service is offered in your location.

Most people who use the pickup and drop off service Alamo offers claim that it is easy and simple and that rides are fast. These days, rental car companies that won’t pick up or drop off passengers often find it hard to compete with those that do, so this service is almost guaranteed if you’re in a populated area.

Alamo Rent A Car Customer Service

Customer service reviews are generally positive at Alamo. Years back, however, the company was implicated in price gouging a few customers. This appears to have been fixed and these incidents were isolated.

Today, Alamo Rent A Car is a top choice of many drivers looking for a rental car. Take your time and shop for the best rate though, as many car rental companies offer the same services and vehicles at varying prices.

Alamo Rent A Car

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Short efficient line when picking up my car.   Didn’t have to do a lot.

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Prices aren’t the best but it all worked out.


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Jon’s Review

I didn’t have the best experience on my business trip but I do appreciate the customer service helping me out.

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We got where we needed to go but wasn’t thrilled with the car choices.

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Laura G ’s Review

Quite limited in locations but when there is one I try to rent from them.

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I think is a great car rental company based on my last rental in Nevada

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