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Pros Well Established Genealogy Services | Excellent Customer Service | Interface Is Fun And Easy To Use

Cons Solely For Genealogical Purposes | Monthly Membership | Cannot Upload Existing Raw DNA Files

AncestryDNA Review

Ancestry is a well-established and world-renowned genealogy and DNA testing company which has an enormous database of records and more than 10 million users worldwide.  The company uses autosomal DNA testing to identify genetic information as well as heritage and ethnicity.  As well as connecting you to more than 350 global regions, AncestryDNA can use your DNA to help you connect with relatives you never knew you had and create circles of possible relatives around the world.

AncestryDNA Pros

AncestryDNA is one of the most established and widely used genealogy services, so if you want to use your DNA to find out about your family heritage, it can give you access to the largest range of records available.   AncestryDNA places a big focus on making connections which is ideal for people who are looking to find out more about their origins. The company also offers excellent customer service by telephone and online via its chat function.  Online reviews report excellent experiences in using the services and the interface is fun and easy to use.   AncestryDNA allows you to choose whether or not to share your DNA information.

AncestryDNA Cons

AncestryDNA only uses autosomal testing.  The company does DNA testing solely for genealogical purposes and does not offer any health-related reports.  Ancestry charges a monthly membership to use the site and this can quickly add up. Unlike some other DNA testing sites, you cannot upload existing raw DNA files to AncestryDNA. AncestryDNA has a security policy to prevent unauthorized access to the site. However, the company does not guarantee that it will not share your information with third parties.

AncestryDNA Bottom Line

If you are looking for a DNA testing service that will give you the most information about your ethnic origins and will help you build a detailed family tree and make connections now and in the future with previously unknown relatives, this is the place to go.  AncestryDNA will tell you where your ancestors came from, how much Neanderthal DNA you have and it can tell you the specific regions of the world that your ancestors lived in thousands of years ago.  Furthermore, AncestryDNA lets you use the information from your DNA analysis to carry out detailed research into your family heritage.

What Is DNA Testing?

Your physical appearance, ancestry, and predisposition to certain diseases can all be determined by mapping your genetic code. This is accomplished by having you submit a swab with cells from the inside of your mouth or through a saliva sample to a company, such as AncestryDNA, that arranges for DNA testing.

Your genetic code is compared to a database maintained by AncestryDNA and containing in excess of five million DNA results. AncestryDNA uses autosomal testing, but it does not use mtDNA and Y-DNA testing as offered by some other companies for more detailed results. The results still provide ancestry information covering more than 350 regions of the world.

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History Of AncestryDNA

AncestryDNA is a subsidiary of LLC, which operates several websites related to genealogy with being one of them. The parent company boasts access to billions of historical records available to its two million subscribers. AncestryDNA, accessed through, has in excess of seven million customers using its DNA testing services.

How Easy Is It To Use AncestryDNA?

A DNA testing kit can be ordered through Upon receipt of the kit, you simply activate it online and collect a saliva sample by following the instructions included in the kit. The sample is then sealed in a collection tube and returned to Ancestry DNA by return mail.

The sample is processed and the results posted on the website. You access the results by going to the website and clicking on “DNA” in the menu bar.

How Detailed Are The Reports?

The report of the test results is quite detailed. It includes a pie chart showing percentages of ethnicity revealed through your DNA. Results cover more than 350 regions around the globe.

The report also includes charts showing the countries to which your ancestors traveled. Another feature of the report is a list of your living relatives as revealed through matches of your DNA with the contents of the database.

How Accurate Are The Tests From AncestryDNA?

The size of the company’s database of DNA broadens the scope of the matches it can identify using your DNA. This increases the accuracy of the results.

How Private Are The Results From AncestryDNA?

Ancestry DNA uses the most current security standards to guard the privacy of your test results. Anything that is stored does not contain your name or other identifying information that could trace it back to you.


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