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Pros Wide variety of workouts | Available for Apple iOS and Android mobile devices | 30-day free trial

Cons Workouts are not downloadable | Nutrition plan is not comprehensive | Costs much more to get one-on-one access to a trainer

Daily Burn Review

Daily Burn was founded under the name Gyminee in 2007. It joined the TechStars accelerator program in 2008 as a startup and changed to its new name in 2009. Currently, American holding company InterActiveCorp (IAC) has majority stake and controlling interest in Daily Burn.

Daily Burn has a membership of over 2 million persons and assures them that they will “never get bored” by offering 20 fitness programs in a range of ability levels. These include Daily Burn 365 which is broadcast live each day; and Beautiful Belly yoga sessions for expectant mothers.

Workouts from Daily Burn are accessible on a variety of smart devices. Plus, there is a Daily Burn app which is compatible with both Apple iOS and Android.

Daily Burn Pros

One of the most likable features of Daily Burn is its impressive line-up of well-known, expert trainers sharing their fitness know-how in an interesting mix of programs, including strength training, dance, and yoga. You can access over 1, 000 of their workout videos ranging in length from 10 minutes to 1 hour.

Plus, a welcomed recent addition to the company offerings is its audio workouts which you can take with you anywhere you go. The Daily Burn service is available where there is internet access and the app works on Apple, as well as Android mobile devices. It’s easy to navigate and use thanks to features like simple search filters.

Before committing to a subscription plan, you can check out Daily Burn for free – their 30-day free trial gives you full access to all features. Other benefits from using Daily Burn are that you get helpful nutrition guides and recipes once you sign up and the programs do not require any specialized equipment.

Daily Burn Cons

The nutrition guide lacks cookbooks and cooking videos, both of which could make it more interactive. You must have an internet connection or mobile data each time you use Daily Burn, since it does not allow you to download videos to watch while offline.

Access to one-on-one sessions with a personal trainer comes only if you pay an additional price. One off-putting aspect to the generous 30-day free trial is having to provide your credit card information up-front. Members may also feel somewhat disadvantaged since Support is available by email only.

Daily Burn Bottom Line

Daily Burn falls short with less-than-par member support and the inability to download videos. It gets high marks, however, for its variety of solid workouts and the quality of its trainers. So, if that is where your main interests lie, then the Daily Burn app is definitely worth a shot.

Daily Burn | Your Personal Trainer On The Go

There are now more than 165,000 mobile apps promoting fitness and focusing on health and wellness. Beach Body On Demand and Move With are examples of mobile fitness apps targeting users who desire to improve their fitness levels at home without having to go to a gym or spend money to hire a trainer. Another of the popular fitness apps is Daily Burn.

Daily Burn Additional Info

Daily Burn is one of the more popular apps for working out. One reason might be the convenience of being able to get in an entire workout without leaving your home. The other reason is the variety of workouts created by different well-known trainers from which to choose.

Among the workout programs included with Daily Burn is one designed specifically for someone who is a true beginner to working out or for someone coming back from a long layoff or is recovering from an injury. The program for beginners allows you to build a solid foundation up which to move into more advanced programs and routines offered on Daily Burn, BeachBody apps, or other mobile apps for working out.

On What Platforms Is Daily Burn Available?

Daily Burn is available for individuals looking for Android fitness apps as well as for owners of devices requiring IOS fitness apps. It can also be viewed on desktop and laptop computers, and it is accessible on a TV using any of the following:

  • Apple TV
  • Roku
  • Amazon Fire TV

It can also be streamed from an iOS device, such as an iPhone or iPad, using either Airplay or Chromecast.

Examples Of Workouts Offered With Daily Burn

Daily Burn offers more than 1000 videos in more than 20 programs available to subscribers. An assessment tool helps users decide which of the options for working out is best for them. Workouts include high-intensity cardio routines, yoga, dance, strength conditioning and more.

An additional option for beginners, besides a program designed specifically for them, is the Daily Burn 365. This is an excercise workout lasting 30 minutes that focuses on individuals who are new to exercise apps or for people returning to daily workouts after taking time. A new workout premiers each morning and may be accessed for 24 hours for anyone who might have missed the morning workout or wants to do it again later in the day.

Additional Pros And Cons Of Daily Burn

There are several benefits to Daily Burn over some of the other exercise apps that are available, including:

  • Expert trainers design workouts and lead users through them
  • Large selection of programs
  • Videos in high definition
  • Cost of monthly subscription is less than a gym membership
  • Workouts offer options for doing them with or without equipment

For some people, the benefits Daily Burn might be offset by the fact the workouts are only available through the app or by streaming. They are not available on DVDs, though this is probably not a problem for most people. Another negative might be the need for an internet connection to use Daily Burn.

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Kayla’s Review

It was nice to have a free trial before subscribing.  Workouts have been really good.

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Jerry’s Review

Very affordable.  Lots of good workout content.

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Kady’s Review

The mobile app makes it easy to workout anywhere.

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Jessica’s Review

Great selection of workouts!  Feeling great!

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William’s Review

Skeptical at first I was going to like the app, my wife made me start a program, I love it.  I use it each day when I get up.

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Vanessa’s Review

Used it and felt like I was more accountable to my fitness.  Love the app, doing great with the workouts and really excited this keeps me going each day.

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Univorn’s Review

DailyBurn is fantastic, down 8 lbs in 2 months.

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