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Pros Easy to use | Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices | Dual volume control for trainer’s voice and music

Cons Not available for Android devices | You cannot play your own music | No download now and listen later option

MoveWith Review

MoveWith (formerly BeGritsy) was founded in California in 2014. Its team is headed by Holly Shelton, a former executive with Apple. One of MoveWith’s philosophies is that “Movement is fuel: for the mind, body, and soul” for both the individual and the community. MoveWith’s team includes persons who themselves are involved in fitness with “a mission to cultivate healthy lifestyles that last.”

The company seeks to create linkages between fitness trainers and persons seeking to attain a particular fitness goal. It helps fitness trainers with brand building; organizes fitness classes; and offers members access to trainers through the MoveWith: Audio HIIT Workouts app for Apple iOS. The app is not available, however, for Android devices.

MoveWith Pros

Simplicity is the name of the game with the MoveWith app’s easy-to-navigate user interface. That includes the volume slider which can control the trainer’s voice and music, separately. You can choose from hundreds of workouts offered across a range of fitness levels. You can go with one of MoveWith’s set programs or build one of your own.

Goal-based programs are designed by the MoveWith expert trainers and coaches. MoveWith adds new releases each week, so there is always something fresh for you to try out. The app allows you to get notifications whenever a teacher you follow adds a new workout. The plans are generally affordable, with the annual plan offering big savings over the per month pricing.

The integrated meditation and Life Talks sessions help to bring a sense of mind-body balance to the program. Since the classes are audio-based, you only need your mobile phone (and perhaps a set of earphones). You can work out on the go – anywhere, anytime. Plus, the workouts are tailored for both indoor and outdoor training.

MoveWith Cons

The major issues users might have with the MoveWith app include not being able to select which playlist to listen to or to use your own music. Although the playlists for the workout feature popular songs, some of them may not be appealing to some listeners.

Another disadvantage is that the workouts are not downloadable – you will always need to have WiFi or a data network. Plus, some workouts require gym equipment. With regards to membership plans, some persons may be disappointed that these jump from one month to one year; 3-month and 6-month plans might be welcomed.

MoveWith Bottom Line

The MoveWith app is a simple but effective way to get the instruction and motivation you need to stick with your fitness routine. There are a few downsides to the app which could prove to be deal breakers for some people.

MoveWith | Mobile Workouts Designed By Professional Trainers

There are many people who want to improve their health by losing weight and achieving a level of fitness that allows them to engage in an active lifestyle. Long walks or runs through the neighborhood or using that gym membership you purchased months ago takes time out of the day that some people simply do not have to spare. Move With is one of the mobile fitness apps along with Beach Body on Demand and Daily Burn that gives you the freedom of working out wherever and whenever you choose.

 MoveWith Additional Info

MoveWith is one of the popular mobile apps for working out. It offers exercise plans created by professional trainers. Users select a particular workout from the menu of fitness plans, and they are guided through it by the voice of the trainer giving instructions for the particular exercise followed by prompts during the workout.

The audio includes music selected by the trainer as accompaniment during the workout. Users have the option of raising or lowering the volume of both the music and the trainer’s voice as they desire, including the option of working out in complete silence.

On What Platforms Is MoveWith Available?

The number of people estimated to be using apps for working out, including Android Fitness Apps and IOS fitness apps, is about 42.6 million. MoveWith is only available for devices using iOS 10.0 or later, including the iPod Touch, iPads and iPhones, which limits the number of people who can use it.

Examples Of Workouts Offered With MoveWith

MoveWith comes with a variety of audio workouts along with new workouts that are added each week. Included among the workouts are the following:

  • High intensity interval training
  • Strength training
  • Treadmill workouts
  • Running outdoors
  • Yoga
  • Rowing
  • Mobility exercises
  • Indoor cycling

MoveWith is somewhat unique among mobile excersise apps by offering stress reducing life talks. Subscribers can hear coaches giving inspiring talks to help them maintain a clear and healthy mental state.

Additional Pros And Cons Of MoveWith

Unlike other mobile exercise apps offering more features than most people use or need, the audio-only design of MoveWith appeals to individuals who want to hear instructions without having to watch videos. Individuals with poor vision who might prefer to workout with mobile apps that do not require them to wear glasses will find the audio-only design to be a benefit. This is also true for individuals who are blind.

The lack of an Android version of MoveWith currently prevents anyone without an iOS device from using it. The lack of videos might deter some people who want visual prompts instead of just audio during workouts.


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