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Pros In-depth DNA Health Reports | Quick DNA Kit Dispatch | Highest Level of Confidentiality

Cons Pricey | It can take up to 6 weeks to analyze your samples | Only offers autosomal DNA testing

Vitagene Review

Each one of us has our own individual DNA profile and since we are all different, we don’t all have the same nutritional or exercise requirements.  Vitagene uses innovative technology along with the most recent nutrition and genetics research to create your genetic profile and help you make the best dietary and fitness decisions for your particular DNA. The company supplies DNA testing kits by mail which let you swab cheek cells and submit these for full genetic analysis.  Based on the results of these tests alongside a personal health and fitness questionnaire, Vitagene will make recommendations on your diet and exercise regime and the most appropriate supplements to take in order to maximize your health and prevent disease.

Vitagene Pros

Vitagene provides one of the most in-depth DNA health reports on offer. The company will dispatch your DNA kit quickly and you should receive it within 3 – 5 days. If you’ve already had DNA testing done before, you can submit raw DNA files from 23andMe, AncestryDNA or MyHeritage. Vitagene maintains the highest level of confidentiality and guarantees that your DNA data and analysis will never be shared with any third party.  Once the analysis is complete, Vitagene destroys all samples. The company can supply you with your raw DNA file on request.

Vitagene Cons

It can take up to 6 weeks for Vitagene to analyze your samples. Vitagene’s Vitality bundle is on the pricey side. Vitagene only offers autosomal DNA testing which is very effective for medical purposes, but less useful if you want to learn about your ancestry.

Vitagene Bottom Line

Vitagene is more than just a simple DNA service.  While other DNA testing services will tell you about your ancestry and ethnicity, Vitagene tests your samples against hundreds of thousands of genetic markers, identifying predispositions to certain diseases, food sensitivities and providing you with a tailor-made nutrition and fitness plan so that you can make the best diet and exercise decisions for your DNA.  In addition, Vitagene’s personalized supplementation plan recommends and supplies the best vitamins and minerals to supplement your diet and address existing or potential nutritional deficiencies.

Vitagene | Linking Health To Your Ancestry

Genealogy has grown tremendously in popularity as people conduct research to learn about their ancestors and preserve their family history for generations to come. DNA genealogy testing has developed into a vital tool allowing someone researching their family tree to verify its accuracy or to gain additional insight into ethnicity and identify ancestors from whom a person might be descended. Companies including Vitagene, AncestryDNA and 23andMe now offer DNA testing to consumers.

What Is DNA Testing?

Every person has a genetic code determining everything from the color of their hair and eyes to their predisposition to health issues, such as certain types of cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. DNA testing can identify genealogical relationships with between the person being tested and a database containing the results of DNA testing of other individuals through one or more of the following tests:

  • mtDNA testing traces maternal lineage
  • Y-DNA testing traces paternal lineage
  • Autosomal testing uses pairs of chromosomes to identify ethnicity and genetic traits

The test results are used to prepare a report referencing a person’s health as well as about ancestry and possible links to other ethnic or cultural groups.

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History Of Vitagene

Vitagene was founded in 2014 to offer consumers diet, fitness and other health and wellness plans. What makes Vitagene unique is its use of an individual’s genetic profile along with the person’s medical history and lifestyle to design a plan for the person. The company brought together physicians, scientists and other professionals to offer DNA testing through its website,

How Easy Is It To Use Vitagene?

Everything a person must do to order a DNA testing kit, receive the test results and access a personal improvement plan is done through This makes it easy and convenient for users.

How Detailed Are The Reports From Vitagene?

The report includes percentage breakdowns of a person’s ancestry in the geographic regions where there was a match. The report also includes diet, fitness food and supplement plans designed specifically for the individual whose DNA sample was tested.

How Accurate Are The Tests From Vitagene?

The company uses the most current procedures for testing samples to ensure the accuracy of the test results. Ancestry estimates are within 0.1 percent, so it reveals ancestry as far back as thousands of years.

How Private Are The Results From Vitagene?

According to, DNA samples are destroyed after they are tested. Test results and other consumer information retained by the company cannot be identified as belonging to any particular person.


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