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Buying a car through a traditional dealership used to mean going from lot to lot looking for the car that fit your needs and budget. By default, that meant that you could spend hours, days or even weeks looking for the perfect vehicle. If you had something very particular in mind, you might begin to feel like you were never going to find it.

Today, car buying apps that allow users to look for new and used cars and trucks right from the comfort of their computer or smartphone are becoming increasingly popular. While the idea of buying a car from your phone might seem foreign at first, the ability to quickly browse many cars available for sale in your neighborhood can be a powerful tool.

Should you use a car buying app or should you stick with the traditional dealership method? Use this guide to learn more about apps and if they’re right for you.

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Car Buying Apps

History Of Car Buying Apps

The first Kelly Blue Book, which was designed to help users determine the value of Model T Ford vehicles, came about nearly 100 years ago. Today, apps are somewhat an extension of that, allowing users to compare prices and learn more about used and new vehicles.

In the 1990s, those systems became digital. By the early 2000s, technology had improved to the point that consumers were doing more and more browsing and shopping this way. Today, car buyers spend about 59% of their time doing research online even if they eventually turn to a dealer to buy.

Cost Comparisons With Car Buying Apps Vs. Dealerships

Comparing the cost of vehicles you’re considering is important if you have a budget. This is true whether you’re buying new or looking for a used car. In most cases, car buying apps are going to come out ahead here since you can quickly go from vehicle to vehicle and check pricing between different makes, models and years.

That same process would likely require you to visit multiple dealerships in order to compare prices when shopping in person.

Advantages Of Traditional Car Dealerships

Going to a car dealership is the old-school method of shopping for a car. Here are some of the reasons it’s still a viable option for anyone looking for a vehicle:

• You can see every car in person. For some people, this is a benefit since you’ll get to quickly evaluate cars based on looks and style.
• You can talk to somebody knowledgeable about the features of the car. Most car dealers know exactly what is on their lot at any given time.
• You may have more options when it comes to new cars. Dealers can also help you order special vehicles in unique colors, with updated sound systems or with particular upholstery options. This may be more difficult online.

Advantages Of Using A Car Buying App

Apps designed to help users find the car of their dreams are becoming more popular every single day. Here are some of the benefits for users:

• You can quickly search for a wide range of cars in your area.
• You’ll be able to quickly compare vehicles by a number of factors like price, MPG, resale value and more.
• You can browse for a car on your schedule. Visiting a dealership is hard for some people who work unique hours or live in a rural area where options may be limited.
• You can take your pick of new or used cars. Some apps offer both.

Important Features For Car Buying Apps

Car buying apps are incredibly useful for shoppers looking to make a purchase on a new or used vehicle. They’re not all built quite the same though. Here are a few important features to keep in mind when looking for the right car buying app to add to your search:

• User interface setup. The user interface is an important part of any app. With a car buying app, you’ll want to make sure that their interface is clear, concise and straightforward. If it feels clunky or confusing it may not be the best app for your needs.
• Variety of search filters. Search filters make it easy for you to find the car you want and keep others that aren’t in the running out of sight. Make sure any app you use has a way to change filter settings easily.
• Car comparison information. Comparing one car to another is a quick way to see the pros and cons of any model. Some apps make it easy for you to do this within the site. That can be helpful if you’re comparing many cars or choosing a car style like an SUV where there are likely many options that match your budget.
• Car selection. Depending on the type of car you’re looking for, finding the vehicle of your dreams may be a simple or complex task. Look for a car buying app with lots of choices if you’re not quite sure what’s going to work for you.
• Pricing. Price is obviously a major factor when you’re looking to buy a car. Make sure any app you choose to use gives you fair market value pricing and allows you to compare the cost of different types of vehicles.

Ready to take your online car shopping experience to the next level? Car buying apps can be a helpful way to improve your experience. Of course, nothing can replace seeing a car in person if you’re not quite sure what you’re looking for.

That’s why in many cases you’ll find that using an app along with visiting traditional dealerships in your area may be the best approach to finding the car you really want in your price range.

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