12 Ways You Can Work Productively From Home

March 27, 2020 / Working From Home

Working From Home | It Takes Commitment

Working from home can both be a blessing and a curse. Less time commuting can be a great advantage, but keeping productivity up can prove to be problematic. Here are 12 ways to work productively from home and avoid distractions.

Working From Home Requires A Space To Work

Just like in a typical workplace, it is essential to have a dedicated space to work. Whether it is at the kitchen table, the spare room or a desk in a corner, choosing a place that is for work and work alone will help keep the mind focused while working. It is worth noting when setting up shop that it should ideally be in a part of the house where there are no or limited distractions.

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Working From Home Requires Planning The Day Ahead

Knowing what the day is going to look like can help a homeworker stick to a plan. It can be very easy to become distracted by things that aren’t on the to-do list but set out at the beginning of the day what is to be achieved by the end of the business day. Whether freelance or working for a boss, it is essential to productivity to have a plan of action.

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Dress To Impress Even Though You Are Working From Home

There can be the temptation to just kick back in a pair of joggers or pajamas. Treat it like any other lazy day and work will suffer. Dress for the office or, at the very least, dress and kickstart the brain into work mode. It may be small, but the benefits of doing this are huge.

Working From Home Requires You To Take Regular Breaks

Working from home can feel a bit odd for some, and many forget to take the breaks they are entitled to receive. When planning the day, schedule some breaks and stick to them. Concentration does slip when regular breaks are not taken, which can lead to a decrease in productivity.

Help Is Out There

Just because working from home means physical distance from other colleagues doesn’t mean that they are not there to help. Reach out to management or support from friends in the office if needed. By doing this, it will ensure work is carried out in a timely manner along with relieving any tension that working alone may do.

Silence Is Distracting – Have Some Background Noise When Working From Home

The sound of silence can be distracting in itself. If used to working in a busy environment, have some background noise to help focus the mind. Just ensure the background noise is not too distracting and becomes counterproductive.

Ensure Your Office Space Is Clutter-Free

Most people are not productive when working surrounded by clutter. When starting the working day, make sure the office space is clutter-free and aim to tidy this at the end of the working day. A clean and tidy workspace will calm the mind and allow the worker to concentrate on what really needs to be done.

Create a Daily Micro-Lift While Working From Home

Micro-lifts are the little things in life that give us a little boost in the day. It may be grabbing a bagel from a favorite food truck or taking a walk in the park at lunchtime. While working from home, it is a good idea to find a micro-lift that can give a boost throughout the day. Adding a little syrup to a coffee as a treat or have a nice lunch prepared to look forward to having can work wonders.

Remove Social Media Distractions While Working From Home

We are all guilty of it. Hearing a notification from our phone or seeing a message ping on our monitor and clicking on it. Unsurprisingly these can be extraordinarily distracting and cause loss of concentration. Make sure notifications are turned off, and social media is only checked during breaks, to have the most productive day.

Keep In Touch

There are numerous apps out there that are perfect tools for connecting with colleagues. Zoom and Skype allow people to have a meeting free of charge, so there is no need to cancel or change plans based if working from home. Working from home can feel isolating, but it doesn’t need to with a wide range of technology at our disposal.

Keep To The Working Hours

Workdays and home life can become blurred for a lot of homeworkers. With some planning about which hours are working hours, the homeworker can ensure a better work/life balance. A well-rested worker is a much more productive worker.

Restrict Visitors While Working From Home

Some family and friends may use this homeworking opportunity to fit in some impromptu visits. It is essential to be firm with any unexpected visitors and redirect them to a time they may visit. Sometimes sending out a message to those who may fall into this category in advance can work a treat.

Working from home can have its pros and cons, but these hints and tips can help productivity. From using technology to help with isolation and dressing for the day, these are ways to help keep the mind focused on the job at hand. Who knows, this may be a new way forward.

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Working From Home FAQs

Should I wear earplugs while working to block out noise?

There are a couple of methods of keeping the noise around your workspace to a minimum. If you want to completely block out all noise and essentially hear nothing, then standard foam disposable earplugs should do the trick. But if you still want to be able to hear around you but at a much quieter level, noise-canceling headphones will be your best option. They do not blast any signal in your ear but rather cancel certain frequencies from getting to your ear.

What are some good ways to keep my office space clutter-free?

Here is a quick list of simple things you can do to keep your office clutter-free. 1. Install a recycling bin. 2. Create project bins and containers. 3. Keep office supplies organized in a shelf or nice bin. 4. Utilize your bookcase, shelves, and drawers. 5. Keep the use of post-it notes and printing documents to a minimum

More examples of Work-Lifts during the Work Day

Here are just a few things you can do when working from home to give your day a work-lift. 1. Get out in the sun and soak in some Vitamin D. 2. Eat a healthy snack. 3. Do some quick Yoga moves, like Downward Dog. 4. Clean up your workspace 5. Walk away from your space completely and get a chance of scenery.

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