Diabetic Sick Days | How To Successfully Manage Them

July 18, 2019 / Diabetic Digest

Diabetic Sick Days | Healthy Meal Planning

Diabetic Meal Planning is a very useful tool for someone with Diabetes. Whether that individual has Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes or is a Pre-Diabetic, Diabetic Meal Planning can mean the difference between a very stressful or an easy stress-free day. Fewer variables to consider and less thought about what and when to eat leave more time for the things that we live for; family, friends, relaxation, projects, activity, etc…For a Diabetic, a few days can be as stressful and difficult to manage as a Diabetic Sick Day. We all have days when we are ill or are not feeling well and the everyday tasks seem to take all of your time and energy. These days for a Diabetic are compounded by managing Blood Glucose Levels and physical stress on the body.

Diabetic Sick Days are some of the hardest for a Diabetic to deal with. At the top of the priority list is managing the Blood Glucose Levels which are constantly fluctuating as it is. Certain factors like stress can play into Blood Glucose Levels rising or falling without much traditional reason why. Energy levels will fluctuate when sick and appetite may not be present at all. All factors considered, the Diabetic must face the day and deal with sickness in the best way possible. A cold or stuffy nose and cough may be easy enough to deal with making sure to get some healthy foods to combat the congestion. Flu symptoms can be much more complicated with the body lacking the energy to complete even the simplest of tasks, like making something to eat or getting enough fluids. Having a plan in store for dealing with a Diabetic Sick Day can make all the difference in getting well.

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Diabetic Sick Day Recipe


Diabetic Sick Days

Slow-Cooked Crock Pot Chicken Soup

1. Whole Chicken cut into parts
2. 3 Carrots
3. 3 Potatoes
4. 1 Onion
5. 4 Celery stalks


This easy to prepare meal is ideal for managing sickness for a Diabetic. The ingredients are simple and the method doesn’t take much energy to put together.
1st cut the vegetables into chunks. The size of the pieces is not important as they will all be tossed into the pot. 2nd place the Chicken and the Vegetables into a Crock-Pot. If you don’t have a Crock-Pot a large pot on the stove will do just fine. 3rd Cover the Chicken and Vegetables with water and add a good amount of Sea Salt, Kosher Salt, Himalayan Pink Salt or other high-quality salts. 4th Set the Crock-Pot to slow cook and it will do the work for you. Over the stove it is necessary to bring the pot first to a boil then reduce heat, cover, and let simmer for at least 2 ½ – 3 hours.

The best part about a meal like this is that it doesn’t take much effort to put together and doesn’t have to be looked after very much. In the end, you will have a nutrient-rich, hot soup that can be reheated and eaten at any time of the day.

About Our Guest Writer:

Tim Delaney, Content Writer.  Tim studied Environmental Science at the University of California, Santa Barbara.  He is an avid outdoor enthusiast, loves to surf, is passionate about health, and discovering ways to enjoy life with diabetes.

Tim Delaney

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Managing Diabetic Sick Days FAQs

Do diabetics get sick more frequently than those without diabetes?

Not really. If diabetics are good at monitoring glucose levels, their bodies shouldn’t experience too much more strain than non-diabetics, so their immune systems should function at relatively normal levels as well.

Is it more dangerous for a diabetic person to be sick than a non-diabetic person?

Physically, the body of a diabetic person reacts to a cold or flu just like a non-diabetic person. The only danger lies in being so sick that we stop being as vigilant about monitoring our glucose levels. No one wants to cook when they are sick, but healthy fast-food options are few for diabetics and eating poorly is the real danger for a diabetic.

Is there anything a diabetic can take to strengthen their immune system?

While diabetics are unique in the need to monitor glucose levels almost hourly, just like the rest of us, the best thing a diabetic person can do to strengthen their immune system is to follow a regimen of proper diet and adequate exercise.

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1 year ago

Helpful wil pass this on to my family and friends

1 year ago

My husband is a diabetic type 2 and Crock pot meals are hard for me to find and so are sweet from him I appreciate all the recipe I can get thank you for your help

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