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March 2, 2018 / Geneaology

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The assortment of paid and free genealogy websites creates a dilemma for individuals interested in learning about their ancestry. Most websites offer online access to databases containing collections of government documents, newspaper archives and other resources for people to gather information to create family trees. Some websites, such as, actually gathers and preserves records from around the world and offers them to researchers as a free service.

FamilySearchFamilySearch Services Available has a history quite unlike the other popular genealogy websites. The Genealogical Society of Utah was founded more than 100 years ago to preserve ancestry records from around the world. was developed to allow people to access the information that has been gathered in order to conduct genealogy research and create family trees.

The website is operated by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The records collected by the church form the foundation for the collection of databases accessible by users of the website.

Users of the website can search more than four billion names. The scope of its database is augmented through a partnership between and Among the offerings is a large database of Native American records making it similar to, but offers free access while other websites require a paid subscription.

Many of the records available on are extensive. For example, census records are available all the way back to the census of 1790. Access is also available to the Social Security Death Index offering records starting in 1962.

Other services include a mobile application for iOS or Android devices and a family tree builder offering the ability to save a family tree to the FamilySearch website for easy access. One thing that it does not have is the ability to use the results of a DNA ancestry test to conduct searches using the website. Purchasing a genealogy DNA test kit at or will provide helpful information to locate or verify relationships of family members, but the result of the genealogy test cannot be linked to

Another drawback to this free service is its lack of obituary databases. Depending upon the needs of individual researchers, the inability to obtain or verify information using obituary records could be of critical importance. Individuals who need to access obituaries might need to find them on another paid or free website to supplement research done on

People who want to begin searching their family history might not know exactly how or where to begin. Lessons are available at covering the basics of genealogy research and the creation of family trees. The lessons are not only for novice researchers. Additional lessons focus on advanced research techniques and other information useful for experienced researchers.

Help is also available from a WIKI research guide on the website. There are also a YouTube channel featuring helpful how-to videos and tips available from FamilySearch on Twitter, Google+ and Facebook.

Family Search Pricing Plans

The services available at are free, including the family tree builder, records and database searches, the ability to add photos and a feature allowing researchers to collaborate with each other in conducting their searches.

Researchers might elect to combine free access to with a subscription to a paid service to give them all of the services and tools needed to conduct their research. For example, the ability to use ancestry DNA results can be achieved through a site requiring a paid subscription while having free access to all of the features and databases available on

Pros & Cons For Family Search and are free genealogy websites that people might wish to look at in addition to The inability to upload DNA ancestry test results to use in conjunction with searches is something that might make a researcher lean toward a different website, such as, even though other sites might charge for a subscription to their services.

The number of records available at distinguishes it from most other websites. New records are constantly being added from around the world as the work of the Genealogical Society of Utah continues.

Website users have access to more than 4,745 FamilySearch Centers located around the globe for help and collaboration in conducting genealogical research. Also offered to site users is around the clock access to experts who are available by telephone without charge.

Another feature making stand out from other similar websites is access to, which allows users to conduct dependency searches and locate distant relatives. Access to is also free to users.

There have been complaints noted by some reviewers about the website freezing when researchers were working with family trees. Users might be inclined to put up with minor technical issues at a website that does not charge for access to features and databases comparable to or surpassing those offered by some sites accessible only through paid subscriptions.

FamilySearch Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't want people to have access to information about me?

In "the information age" as it is known today, information is available from multiple sources, be they government or not, and restricting, modifying, or even monitoring what information about you is available to the public can be a full-time job in itself. The only way for people to not have access to information about you is to stop providing information by going "off the grid" and even then all of your movement to date will still be available.

What if I canu2019t find anything about my family history?

If after searching through all available databases you can't find any credible information, perhaps you need to refine your search. Be sure to consider all potentials for clerical errors by making small changes to name spelling, or try large cities as opposed to small towns as perhaps a county may have better records than a small town. Also remember to search names as they may have appeared before marriage.

What if the information I find seems to be in error?

Remember that the farther back in history you go, the greater the possibility of error. If your family name is more common, there also may be more possibility of confusion between documents, but generally the archiving will yield valid, verifiable results. If there is a concern of error, try to contact a representative for assistance.

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