How To Lower Your Expenses In A Quarantine

August 18, 2020 / Living & Working During Difficult Times

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How to Cut Living Costs During Quarantine

Saving money and cutting living costs are on the minds of many people as the prospect of less or even no work for the unforeseen future faces us. Now that much of the population is at home, the cost of living has risen. This article looks at some ways you can save on living costs during the lockdown.

Cutting Living Costs During Quarantine

Cut Those Unused Online Subscriptions

Go through all of your online subscriptions and cancel the ones you don’t really use or need. You might be surprised at how much you are paying per month. Even a collection of low-cost apps, such as phone photo editing apps that only cost $5 per month, can quickly add up. Eliminating the subscriptions you don’t need or downgrading the ones you use can save you a lot of money.

Cut The Unnecessary Lights

Light some candles to lower the power bill. Sell it however you wish to your family. Tell your partner you are setting mood lighting for the evening in what might look like a romantic gesture or give the kids an interactive history lesson on the olden days when candles were often burned at night. If you have a collection of candles in the house you may as well use them and save some dollars at the same time.

Cut Down On Excessive Supermarket Shopping

Do your supermarket shopping mindfully by buying the cheapest brands. While you might not want to do that for certain items such as your wine and beauty products, it really doesn’t matter so much when it comes to household items such as soap, washing powder, toilet paper, and such basics that you use every day. Buying in bulk can also save you a heap of money. Everyone is home now so you could get through a kilogram of peanut butter quite quickly. Look for items on sale and buy 1, get 1 free deals. And don’t forget to check out grocery delivery services for easy home delivery deals.

Cut Back On The Luxuries

Give up a few luxuries. For now, you can do without your luxuries and have some peace of mind knowing your bank balance is healthier. Later, when you get back to your Starbucks lattes and the new season dress that just appeared in your favorite online boutique, you will appreciate these treats more than you can ever imagine.

Cut Back On The Clutter

Clean out your house and plan an online sale or garage sale that you can execute once the quarantine is over. Photograph the items, make a price list, and put them in a box. You will feel satisfied to clear some of the unwanted clutter from your house and will have some money coming in as soon as this is over. And Feng Shui experts say clearing space increases money flow to your life.

Every dollar counts when we are faced with an unsure financial future. Save some money now with these super ideas. And remember this isn’t forever but a yearly look at your finances and budget is a good habit to keep.

Cutting Living Costs During A Quarantine FAQs

What's the average cost of a household's online subscriptions?

According to a 2018 survey by WMG, the average family assumes they're paying around $79.74 a month for all of their subscriptions when the actual cost is close to $238 a month.

How much does running household lights actually cost on average?

About 10 light bulbs cause 6 cents an hour. If you use those bulbs for 6 hours a day, it’ll cost you 36 cents a day or about $10 a month, according to an article from Oasis Energy.

What's the best way to have a garage sale?

According to Money Crasher, you should follow these steps for a successful garage sale: Plan Your Sale, Promote Your Sale, Prep For Sale Day, and Host Your Sale.

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