Restore Your Weedy Garden One Step at a Time

November 18, 2019 / I Love Landscaping

How To Remove That Jungle Of Weeds

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the weeds in your flowerbed? Even the most beautiful garden can look like a jungle the very next season. While you may be tempted to blame your neighbor’s unkempt garden for the sudden influx of weeds in yours, it’s best to realize wind, rain, and weed seeds embedded in your garden’s soil are more likely to blame.

Blaming others or fuming about the work you see will get you no-where though. Every homeowner with a garden will face the same issue of having to tend their garden. Every garden is prone to grow weeds as well as your lawn.

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Removing Weeds From Your Garden

Step by step, you’ll get your lawn and garden back to where they need to be. You may want to hire help for weeding or put the garden gloves on for yourself. In any case, here are a few suggestions you might want to follow to remove weeds from your garden:

1. Mow your lawn. A freshly mowed lawn will make your yard look better immediately. Mowing will also impede lawn weeds.

2. Get yourself some nice fitting garden gloves that will not only protect your nails and hands but motivate you to get busy weeding.

3. Bring a step stool or other device to sit on to prevent back or knee injuries.

4. Plan to tackle your flowerbeds one zone at a time working clockwise around the house, or weeding one 10-foot section at a time.

5. Use your gloved hands to pull weeds from the roots, and use a small spade for those that need a little digging.

6. Have a trash bin or tarp nearby where you can throw the pulled weeds and later discard them.

7. Once you’ve cleaned a flowerbed area, discard the weeds, sweep the adjacent sidewalk or driveway, and step back to applaud your work.

8. The best way to curb future weed growth is to add a layer of mulch to your garden. Lay cardboard or landscape fabric over the soil first for an extra layer of protection.

9. Visit the garden center to find fun new flower additions for your garden.

Once all your garden areas have been groomed, let Mother Nature take over with her sunshine and rain. Build time into your days to enjoy your gardens and to water or fertilize your plants. Regularly pulling new weeds as they sprout will keep your garden looking great.

Visualizing the garden cleanup process this way will move you from feeling overwhelmed to knowing you have a good, accomplishable plan in place. In no time, you’ll feel great again about your gardens. And if the maintaining of your garden gets a little too overwhelming, looking into using a garden and lawn care service for assistance isn’t a bad idea.

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Restore Your Weedy Garden FAQs

What are the most common types of weeds?

Some of the common weed are Bindweed (Perennial), Lamsquarters, Pigweed (Amaranth), Crabgrass, and Dandelions. You can find a complete list invasive and noxious plans at

What are some mowing mistakes to avoid?

Here are just a few mowing mistakes to avoid: 1. Donu2019t mow too much. 2. Donu2019t mow in the same direction each time you mow. 3. Donu2019t cut your grass too short 4. Donu2019t cut wet grass 5. Donu2019t mow with dull blades.

Is it important to wear gardening gloves?

It is very important to wear gardening gloves. Whether youu2019re casually gardening or are an avid gardener, here are some of the dangers your hands are exposed to from gardening soil: Bacteria & Fungi, Sepsis, Tetanus, Spider Bites, and Thorn Cuts and Scrapes.

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Robert Jones
3 years ago

I need some advice on a weed infested garden just cleaned it out..what’s my next step?

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