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October 29, 2020 / Living & Working During Difficult Times

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Safe Socializing Activities During The Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many people all over the world to find different ways to socialize. It has become too risky for some to gather in person, so they have been making great use of various video conferencing apps and social media to spend time with family and friends safely.

However, this pandemic has also caused a rise in depression and loneliness. One of the things people do to numb this pain falls into alcohol abuse. Fortunately, there are plenty of activities people could do during this time that doesn’t bring them any closer to checking into a substance abuse rehab center. In addition to video conferencing apps and social media, here are a few more options you can add to the list.

Social Distancing Activities

Safe Socializing Fishing

One activity that encourages you to go out more but also remains safe during this time is going fishing. This is a great low-risk activity that you can do with a friend or two. Just gather your fishing rods, your bait, your mask, and other items and meet them by the lake or river. When you meet your friends, just be sure to maintain social distance or wear a mask if you’re less than six feet apart.

Safe Socializing Jogging In The Park

Another good, non-alcoholic pandemic-friendly activity is jogging in your favorite park. Like fishing, you can easily maintain your distance from people with this activity. More importantly, it is good for you. You get the opportunity to stay in shape and see daylight again. Jogging is a healthy, fun activity you could do on your own or with someone.

Safe Socializing Online Parties

This has been a widespread socializing activity since the pandemic began. Have you ever thought of having a Zoom party? You can decide to host it or have someone else do it. Alcohol doesn’t have to be involved in the party. Parties on video conferencing apps like Zoom are a great way to stay in touch with friends safely and keep things in the moment.

Safe Socializing Outdoor Fitness Classes

Another great safe socializing idea is to take outside fitness classes. It remains safer to do most activities outside rather than inside. By having them outdoors, it becomes much easier for participants to exercise at a distance from one another. Plus you enjoy some light socialization, exercise, and fresh air.

Safe Socializing Picnics In The Park

Having a picnic in the park (or even in someone’s backyard) is another great idea for safe socializing. You don’t have to bring any alcohol to make the picnic lively. Just pack food, beverages, paper plates, napkins, and cutlery, and have yourself a safe time with your family or friends. Bring along a game or two to add to the fun. As always, be sure to bring your mask.

Safe Socializing Outdoor Restaurant Dining

A lot of restaurants in the United States have reopened since stay-at-home orders have been lifted. Many offer safe outdoor dining for patrons wanting to eat out. As long as the waiters and waitresses are wearing masks and the tables and other items are well sanitized and adequately distanced, the risk of you or any of your guests getting infected remains low. However, be sure to wear a mask when placing an order with the waiter.

Safe Socializing Drive-In Movies

Most movie theaters across the country have been closed since COVID-19. Going inside a movie theater right now puts people at a higher risk of contracting the illness. But a safer alternative to visiting the cineplex is to go to the drive-in. The pandemic has encouraged the opening of more drive-in theaters. You won’t have to worry about sitting next to strangers because you will be in your car with people who live with you. Grab your popcorn and other fun snacks from home to enjoy a good movie on the big screen from the safety of your car.

Safe Socializing Boating And Sailing

Boating or sailing is another good activity that not only encourages you to embrace the outdoors but is also great exercise after being in the house the majority of the time. If you own a boat or know someone who does, why not pick a nice day to start sailing with a small group of your friends? Alcohol doesn’t have to be allowed, and social distancing is easy while engaging in this fun activity.
Safe Socializing Miniature Golfing

One last activity that is very social distancing-friendly and doesn’t involve alcohol is miniature golf. This sport is one of the rare ones that make social distancing pretty easy since golfers play from hole to hole. It’s also an activity that doesn’t encourage alcohol use since it tends to be more family-friendly. So head to the course and have a safe and fun time hitting golf balls with your teammate.

This pandemic has encouraged people to be creative in how they could still interact with each other. These safe, mostly outdoor activities prove you could still go out during these times. Wear your mask and social distance with your loved ones while still having fun in this difficult year.

About Our Guest Writer:

Patrick Bailey, Content Writer.  Patrick is a professional writer mainly in the fields of mental health, addiction, and living in recovery. He attempts to stay on top of the latest news in the addiction and the mental health world and enjoy writing about these topics to break the stigma associated with them.  Visit Patrick’s site at

Patrick Bailey

Safe Socializing Activities FAQs

How long has miniature golf been around?

According to Wiki, the first standardized minigolf courses to enter commercial mass-production were the Thistle Dhu course 1916 in Pinehurst, North Carolina, and the 1927 Tom Thumb patent of Garnet Carter from Lookout Mountain, Tennessee. Thomas McCullough Fairbairn, a golf fanatic, revolutionized the game in 1922 with his formulation of a suitable artificial green.

What's the average price to rent a sailboat?

Depending on the size and amenities that come with the sailboat, prices for chartering a sailboat can average between $350 per day to over $1,000 a day. Hourly rentals average around $90 and up. Prices vary from state to state and at the time of this article publication, these are the current average prices.

What are some fun outdoor group fitness classes to participate in?

Depending on how the various seasons affect where you live, you can find many outdoor group exercises in your local area. Outdoor yoga, dance, aerobics, tai-chi, and calisthenic group classes are just a few.

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