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Fewer people work out of an office surrounded by bosses, managers, and employees than ever before. Today, lots of people work from home offices practically around the clock. The proliferation of freelancers and one-person-show companies has also grown exponentially in the last 10 to 20 years.

A lot of this may have to do with how broadband technology and internet access have changed the world and our workplace environment. Now you can quickly and easily communicate with people all over the world using e-mail. Nothing beats a face to face connection when you need to get your point across to team members, employees, or clients though.

That’s where video conferencing software can really come in handy for a business of any size. Not sure what you need to know to choose the right video conferencing solution for your needs? Keep reading to learn more so you can find the right option today.

What is Video Conferencing Software?

Video conferencing software is the software that allows you to communicate with others remotely while seeing them on a computer or video screen. While there are lots of ways to implement this, from large-scale systems to a smartphone, they all aim for one goal – to help people communicate.

Software designed for personal use typically focuses on ease-of-use and fun features like access to stickers and many emoji options. They may also make file sharing for photos simple and easy.

For business users, features like whiteboard access and larger file-sharing systems may be available. Video calls with a large number of attendees – even 100 or more – are also possible with more complex video conferencing solutions.

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Video Conferencing Software

How Can Video Conferences Cut Costs?

Video conferencing is becoming popular in many cases because team members just aren’t working in the same office anymore. In some cases, people are working from home and using video calling every single day.

When it comes to costs, video conference calls can help you cut down on travel for both mid-level and high-level employees. Instead of flying or traveling for a face to face meeting, a high-quality video call can happen from your conference room.

Video conference calls can also help save time. Since we all know that time is money, less spent on meetings means more in your bottom line at the end of the year.

How Does Pricing Work?

• Free plans. Free plans typically provide a bare-bones setup so you can have video calls with a small number of attendees. However, some software allows considerably more users for free, so don’t write off a free plan right away.
• Paid plans. Paid plans typically have more features and allow more users. They may also include extended video call times, giving you hours to work with your team, or meet with clients remotely.
• Added value plans. Added value plans typically cost more per month, but they have a range of different features that benefit business users greatly. These may include collaborative options or access for many users. Recording and transcription services may be offered as well depending on the video conferencing software.
• Trial versions. Trial versions of video conferencing software tend to offer ample features, but only for a set period of time. These allow you to try out a certain piece of software without commitment. 14 to 30 days is common for trial periods.

Is Video Conferencing Software Easy to Use?

The answer here is both yes and no. Some video conferencing software solutions will have you up and running in a matter of minutes. Others have a considerable depth that may take you weeks or months to really master.

Which options is the correct one? It really depends on your needs. For individuals, simple is almost always best. Even small business owners with less than 10 employees can greatly benefit from the simplicity of getting everyone on the same page within a day.

For larger businesses or more complex work, added features may improve your workflow in the end if you can dedicate some time to learning how to use them.

Video conferencing software is in almost every business in the world these days. Even individuals and independent contractors often use some basic form of video calling to communicate in a face to face fashion. This is all just part of the tech-based way we work today.

Utilizing video calling correctly can impact your bottom line positively and allow you to expand your reach as a company. You can even begin working with remote employees, spending less on office space, and providing more creative freedom to those that do work for you.

Video calling is a must-have for individuals and business owners today. With a range of options available, finding a simple solution or deep, feature-packed option is easy. Check out our reviews to learn more about individual video conferencing software options.

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