Simple FAQ’s on Diabetes And The Coronavirus (COVID-19)

April 23, 2020 / Diabetic Digest, Living & Working During Difficult Times

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Diabetes And The Coronavirus | Common Questions Answered

What If I Am A Diabetic And Am Diagnosed With COVID-19?

As mentioned in the article, Keeping Your Diabetes In Check During The Coronavirus, Diabetics are more susceptible to complications of the Coronavirus like COVID-19. This is not to say that every diagnosis is a fatal one. Quite the contrary is true as there several cases of Diabetics that have been Diagnosed with the Coronavirus in the form of COVID-19 and have already successfully recovered. It is by no means a death sentence. It is a diagnosis that should be taken very seriously and with the help of an experienced healthcare management team. In the instance of a diagnosis of COVID-19 anyone, especially a Diabetic should follow the instructions of their doctor and healthcare team. Remaining Quarantined is crucial to not infecting others with the potentially fatal illness. Following Doctor’s orders flawlessly will also give the Diabetic a greater chance of overcoming the infection and returning to normal health.

Diabetes and the Coronavirus

How Will I Know If I Have Coronavirus Or COVID-19?

Coronavirus itself defines several flu-like illnesses of which COVID-19 is one of. COVID-19 is a respiratory infection that stems from the Coronavirus. Symptoms of the Coronavirus include many flu-like symptoms including fever, body aches, vomiting, sore throat, and diarrhea. Symptoms of the COVID-19 strain of the virus include pain in the lungs, coughing, and shortness of breath. If you should encounter any of the previously mentioned symptoms the first step to take would be to call a hospital and seek the help of a doctor. Fortunately, the recovery rate for patients of the Coronavirus and COVID-19 is relatively high. The earlier the diagnosis, the greater the chances of successful treatment.

What If I Am Diabetic And Live With Someone Who Has Been Diagnosed With The Coronavirus?

If you live with someone who has been diagnosed with the Coronavirus, you are at a greater risk of suffering the complications of the virus than someone who is not a Diabetic. If another living arrangement away from the diagnosed person that would the best-case scenario. If for some reason there is no other arrangement that can be made, then referring to a doctor’s recommendation is the best advice to follow. Isolation from the diagnosed individual will be key and limited or no contact with said person is a priority. Following recommended protocol for staving off the virus including hand washing, self quarantining, and frequent disinfecting of frequently touched surfaces will be of great help in staying healthy. Visiting a doctor and being tested for the Coronavirus and COVID-19 will provide a necessary base from which to form a plan of action. Staying isolated from the diagnosed individual is key until a consultation with a physician and receiving instructions is possible.

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Tim Delaney

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