Becoming A Type-2 Diabetic | Is It All In The Diet?

October 29, 2019 / Diabetic Digest

How Do You Get Type-2 Diabetes

Genetics play maybe the most important role in determining if a person will develop Type-2 Diabetes. If an individual has 2 parents that are Type-2 Diabetics, the likelihood that the individual will develop Type-2 Diabetes is very high. Lifestyle choices also are a critical consideration when it comes to Type-2 Diabetes. A person who leads a very sedentary life and does not get much or any physical activity will have an increase in the chances of developing Type-2 Diabetes. Nutrition naturally is one of the key things to consider with Type-2. A poor diet, rich in saturated fats and carbohydrates will contribute to the chances of becoming a Type-2 Diabetic. As one can imagine, leading a stressful life and leaving little time for proper rest and relaxation can complicate an unhealthy lifestyle and make the chances of becoming type-2 greater.

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How To Get Type 2 Diabetes

What it Means to Be Diabetic

Being a Diabetic, also known as having Diabetes, in general, is the inability of the body to process glucose in the blood. This inability to process glucose leads to Hyperglycemia or high blood glucose. There are two types of Diabetes. Type 1 Diabetes is considered an auto-immune disease, in which the pancreas no longer produces the insulin that acts as a key to allow glucose into the cell to be converted to energy. Type-2 Diabetes is more a condition of insulin resistance. In this case, the pancreas still produces insulin but the cells are resistant to insulin’s function and inhibit the insulin from giving glucose access to the cell to make energy. In either case, Diabetes can be defined by high blood glucose levels, and the inability to break down sugar. High blood glucose levels can lead to many physiological problems. Diabetes is marked by several tell-tale symptoms. Frequent urination is one of the key symptoms of high blood sugar as the body is striving to flush excess glucose out of the body through the urine. Constant thirst is also a telling symptom in that the body is being dehydrated from constant urination. Many diabetics experience a sudden and drastic loss in weight. Nausea is extremely common in diabetes as it is a digestive disorder and the digestive system is compromised. Headaches and stomach aches are also common in diabetics.

What is Type-2 Diabetes Caused By

Type-2 Diabetes is a result of Insulin Resistance. The cells resist the insulin the pancreas secretes and blood glucose levels begin to rise. In Type-2 Diabetes, there is no simple answer as it is the result of a group of disorders. Regarding Type-2 Diabetes, there are several risk factors that contribute to the chances of being a type-2 diabetic. Genetics may play the largest role in type-2 diabetes. Another major factor contributing to Type-2 Diabetes is obesity. The vast majority of Type-2 Diabetics in the world are coincidentally overweight. Hypertension is a large contributing factor to Type-2 Diabetes. Stress has such a profound effect on the physiology of the body and contributes greatly to the onset of Type-2 Diabetes. Age also plays a contributing role. The chances of becoming a Type-2 Diabetic increase with every year alive, especially when the other risk factors are present.

Treatments for Type-2 Diabetes

One cannot change their genetics as it were but there are many ways to mitigate the complications of Type-2 Diabetes. Unlike Type 1 Diabetes, Type-2 Diabetes can be reversed in many cases. The most important treatment in Type-2 Diabetes lies in proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices. Losing weight and choosing low carbohydrate foods can decrease the need for medication and frequent doctor visits. Doctors can prescribe medication to help decrease insulin resistance, but making good nutrition choices will be the biggest boon to a type-2 Diabetic’s health. Adequate hydration, rest, and relaxation will be crucial to good health as a Type-2 Diabetic. The best diet for a type-2 Diabetic would be low in carbohydrates, low in saturated fats, high in fiber, and also low in processed foods. It is not uncommon for Type-2 Diabetics to be cured by focused lifestyle changes including good nutrition, proper rest, and regular exercise.

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Tim Delaney, Content Writer.  Tim studied Environmental Science at the University of California, Santa Barbara.  He is an avid outdoor enthusiast, loves to surf, is passionate about health, and discovering ways to enjoy life with diabetes.

Tim Delaney

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Becoming A Type-2 Diabetic FAQs

So even if I exercise regularly and have a good diet, I can still get type two diabetes?

Yes. There are many different factors to consider and especially with the possibility of genetic markers that may be unknown to you without testing, you may still develop type two diabetes. If you are living a healthy lifestyle, however, you may develop type two diabetes and not present symptoms and not even know you have it without a blood test.

What percentage of people have type two diabetes?

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) reported in 2015 that approximately 10% of the US population and over 400 million people worldwide have diabetes and that 90-95% of all diabetics are type two.

Has the treatment of diabetes changed since it was discovered?

Before the discovery of insulin (1921) most who had diabetes died from it. Since then insulin injection has been the primary means of treatment. The greatest amount of development has been in body glucose levels testing, which used to require a urine sample before blood testing became more common.

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