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November 21, 2019 / Tips For Traveling

Enjoying Stress Free Travel | It’s The Little Things

Traveling stress free is not just about attitude, but also about preparation. Being well prepared and answering as many questions as possible before leaving almost always helps to ensure a stress free trip. While it’s not possible to anticipate every different scenario that could occur while traveling, a little forethought can go a long way.

Remember Your Medications To Travel Stress Free

I take medication daily and believe me when I tell you there is nothing more stress-inducing than being in the middle of a vacation in a foreign land and realizing I am about to run out of my crucial medication. It only takes a moment to look over medications and to resupply before leaving on a trip, but the peace of mind you will have without that question in the back of your mind is invaluable. Some countries may not have the same medications you require. And you may need to take time out from your vacation to see a doctor for a prescription, which is never fun. Bringing a copy of your prescription, or, if you have more complex medical issues, bringing a copy of your medical records can ensure a fast treatment in any potentially health-threatening situation. On the other hand, keep in mind that in many countries access to medical care and medication may be more readily available and less expensive than you may think, so try to stay calm and go with the flow for a more stress-free traveling experience.

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Travelling Stress Free

Look For Joy To Alleviate Travel Stress

Preparations and forethought are paramount in order to stay stress free while traveling. It must be said, however, that attitude definitely plays a part in reducing travel stress. Looking for joy is a positive mindset, and not always easy to cultivate, but can even benefit health in both the short and long-term. It is always good to be cautious, but if all you do is look for what might go wrong, then that is all you will see. If you look for joyful experiences, then eventually you will reach your goal! It is good to be wary as a traveler and to be careful of those who might take advantage of us, but it is also important to look for the people that are genuinely concerned with providing good experiences to travelers, and to allow that there may be strangers out there who are actually good people that want to see us happy! Treating those you encounter with respect and warmth will help identify those who are like-minded, and open up possibilities for more good times. Plenty of times on my travels I have started up a conversation with someone based on a simple interaction and a smile and ended up having wonderful and unique experiences that I never would have had if I had not been looking for joy. A few of these unique and positive encounters also go a long way in countering the effects of any bad luck along the way to your stress free travel experience.

Find Your Stress Reducing Spots While Traveling

No matter where you are along your journey, do your best to enjoy where you are. Make sure that you have appropriate clothing, layers for traveling, and perhaps other little things to help yourself relax like music, something to read, maybe even earplugs, an eye mask, water, some small snacks or something to chew on. Travel can be tricky, and at any time things may come to a halt. But if you were prepared, nothing will dampen your spirits! Look around. Do you have a Plan B? Is there something else you can be doing? If your plans fall through what will you do? Are you making sure you have time to relax? Even if it is just for an afternoon, a little time off from your schedule could recharge your batteries in a very healthy way. Perhaps there is a main plaza or Square where you can sit and watch people go by. There may even be a nice quiet park nearby for a relaxing stroll or even a nap under a tree. Do you like coffee shops? Why not visit some along your travels to break up the string of museums and architectural amazements. Making time for stress-relieving activities will definitely improve your overall travel experience.

Ask For What You Want

It is great to be inquisitive when we travel! Stress free traveling isn’t only about the experience we plan on having, but the joy in the moments we create spontaneously. In order to contribute to your joyful experience be sure to ask lots of questions. Not only are there things you probably want to know anyway but may be nervous to ask about, but showing interest about your location is also a small way of showing respect to the locals. More times than I can remember, I have asked questions and approached locals along my travels and have been pleasantly surprised that not only will they answer my questions but they will contribute other information that I didn’t even know to ask about which made my trip far more interesting! Ask locals about their favorite restaurants. Love the food? Ask to compliment the chef or to thank the owner or manager. Maybe you’ll get a taste of something special or some advice about someplace to check out next. Ask for discounts, ask for samples. While traveling, ask for everything! Ask for the moon! Be polite, of course, but why not? What do you have to lose by asking if ‘No’ is the worst answer you can get?

Learn Some Lingo For Stress Free Travel

Learning some phrases in the language of the country you’re traveling to is a great way of showing respect to the locals. It will earn you some smiles, encourage interaction, and help remove stress from your travel experience. Knowing a few phrases can also come in handy for certain ‘essential needs’ (if you know what I mean), and in certain situations may earn you a place apart from the myriad tourists. Try not to be afraid of mispronunciation, and be ready for some chuckles and to maybe be corrected. This will definitely ‘break the ice’ and is often endearing to locals. Smiling releases endorphins and reduces stress, so the more smiles you can generate the better!

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About Our Guest Writer:

M.R. Felker, Content Writer.  M.R. Felker lives near San Diego, travels frequently with his amazing wife, and likes to live dangerously by accepting candy from strangers.

M.R. Felker

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Traveling Stress Free FAQs

What do I do if I need medication while traveling?

The International Association for Medical Assistance to Travelers will provide information to international travelers including references to local English-speaking physicians. This group is also budget-friendly as they work on a donation basis. Your health insurance provider may also be of assistance, but communicating internationally may be challenging and costly.

What phrases should I learn before I travel?

"Where is the bathroom?" might easily be the most important phrase to learn in every language possible, along with "How much?" but simple things like greetings and "please" and "thank you" go a long way with locals.

How can I relax when travel becomes stressful?

Simple breathing exercises are the fastest way to calm yourself in a moment of stress. Breath in through the nose for a count of five, hold briefly, then exhale through the mouth for a count of five. Sitting and closing your eyes for a moment is also a good idea, as well as counting to ten in a language other than your native tongue to distract yourself from the focus of your stress.

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