5 Pillars Of A Great Website

May 16, 2019 / Website Building Services

5 Pillars of A Great Website

Your website is an invaluable asset to your company. It is a command center for all your online operations, including your digital marketing campaigns. It is where you will generate the most leads, and can be an information center about your company.

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This means creating the most efficient website is vital to your company’s overall success. You will not prosper if you throw together some information, paste in some pretty pictures, and call it a day. If you aren’t familiar with how to create a website that will work for your company, continue reading to find out five pillars of a great website.

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1: Valuable, SEO-Friendly Content

The content you create for your website, whether it be webpage copy, blog posts, or articles, is vital to overall success. Content is what will bring organic traffic to your website, create longer visitor times, and convince leads to become customers.

Ensure all content is search engine optimized with relevant keywords, but don’t forget to make it reader-friendly. Use short sentences and paragraphs, utilize numbered lists and bullets whenever necessary, and break up content using H2 headers.

2: Intuitive Design

All the SEO in the world will be useless if your design is not user-friendly and intuitive. The design needs to avoid fonts which are difficult to read and colors which are hard to look at for long periods.

Each page on your website needs to be easily accessible. No training or guesswork should be required. To this effort, create clear, concise navigation labels and keep page URLs clean.

3: Clean and Simple

Clutter on your website is distracting. Not only will it confuse your viewers (thus decreasing overall ease of use), but chances are high they will leave without retaining any of the information you want them to.

In addition to the content format suggestions above, there are several things you can do to keep your website clean and simple. Avoid excessive use of navigation bars. One is usually sufficient and no website ever needs more than two. Also, avoid cluttered advertisements, and limit graphics use.

4: Great Landing Pages

Landing pages are vital if you want to obtain customer information which can be used in email marketing campaigns. A great landing page will be simple, clear, and concise.

A single graphic can be used, along with a large header telling customers what is being offered. Use a short paragraph or (at max) two to explain the offer a little more in-depth. Below or beside this should be a contact form. Limit the number of sections a customer needs to fill out for the highest turnover ratings.

5: Obvious Points of Contact

Our final pillar is to make it easy for customers to contact you. Nobody wants to work at finding contact information. Have a page labeled ‘Contact Us’ or include the information in your ‘About’ page. You may choose to use an embedded field or include your email address, phone number, or (if applicable) physical location.

Also, be sure to include your social media links, as this is another way customers can directly get in touch with you. Incorporate them into the header, footer, or sidebar of your page for easy access.

If you ensure each of these five pillars is incorporated into your website’s design, you will have an effective information hub tailored to your target audience.

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5 Pillars Of A Great Website FAQs

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is the process by which your website is more easily visible when people are searching for a topic online. The better your SEO, the more people will be directed to your website instead of other peoples.

What is a landing page?

A landing page is the first thing people see when they click to enter your website; when people enter your web address, they "land" on your page.

How do I start making a website?

Several services are available for creating a website on a budget. Companies like GoDaddy and Wix and even Google offer basic, easy-to-use customizable templates for beginners that are compatible with SEO analytics so that you can not only build the site but track the demographics of user traffic.

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