Once The Pandemic Is Over, Where Are You Traveling To?

April 5, 2021 / Tips For Traveling

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What Are Your Travel Plans Post Pandemic?

It may be hard to believe, but it has been more than a year since a travel ban was imposed by the United States and other nations because of the worldwide coronavirus pandemic. Whether traveling for business, to visit family and friends, or to explore new vacation destinations, travelers that put their plans on hold last year are ready for domestic and overseas travel to get back to whatever the new, post-pandemic normal has in store for them.

Any discussion about post-pandemic travel and the lifting of COVID 19 travel bans must take into account infection rates. Government officials remain mindful that any policies regarding travel must remain fluid and subject to change in response to rising infection rates, but that does not mean that you cannot begin to at least think about what travel will be like and what your dream destination will be once travel bans are lifted.

Need Help Planning Your Travel Post Pandemic?

Traveling Post PandemicWhat Are The Current Restrictions Traveling Post Pandemic?

The US travel ban on travelers coming into the country continues according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It includes restrictions on travelers from Europe, the United Kingdom, Brazil, China, and other countries. A European travel ban continues in some countries with a variety of policies depending upon the particular country imposing them.

Italy, for example, imposes a five-day quarantine period and a negative coronavirus test for all travelers. Italy along with many other countries have imposed restrictions on domestic travel in response to an upward spike in reported cases of COVID-19.

Travel within the U.S. continues to be subject in some parts of the country to state and local restrictions that may include coronavirus testing requirements and stay-at-home orders. However, many states and local governments that had COVID-19 restrictions in place have now eased or lifted them entirely. This includes the removal of occupancy limits for hotels, restaurants, movie theaters, and entertainment venues, such as amusement parks.

Enticement Of Low Airfares

Most airlines limited the number of passengers on flights during the pandemic to accommodate safe-distancing guidelines and implemented strict sanitizing procedures as part of their cleaning process of airplanes between flights. Rules for air travelers that were put in place during the pandemic may continue in the post-pandemic era and include the following:

• All travelers must wear masks covering the nose and mouth on planes and in airports.
• Travelers must practice social distancing by staying at least six feet from other people.
• Frequent hand washing and use of hand sanitizer is encouraged.

The CDC recommends that people self-monitor for symptoms of COVID-19. Anyone who has not been fully vaccinated against the virus should be tested for coronavirus upon arrival at their destination. Travel outside of the country may be subject to additional requirements, so avoid travel stress by checking with your airline when booking a flight. You should also check the website for the tourism office of your destination country to find out whether a travel ban for citizens also applies to visitors.

What Will Hotels And Resorts Be Like Traveling Post Pandemic?

Expect hotels and resorts to continue the enhanced cleaning and sanitizing procedures implemented during the pandemic to encourage people to stay with them. The anticipation is for hotel and resort operators to engage in aggressive promotion campaigns to lure tourists back with attractive pricing and discounted travel packages.

Begin By Taking Baby Steps For Safe Travels

It is perfectly understandable if boarding an airplane or going on a cruise may be too much of a transition from stay-at-home restrictions to handle, but there are plenty of alternatives for a quick getaway. Instead of exposing yourself to crowds at a resort or large hotel, begin your post-pandemic travels with a weekend mountain getaway by renting a cabin. If the mountains do not appeal to you, you can avoid hotels by renting a house at the beach or anywhere else that you want to visit.

Most companies and individual property owners now make it a point to list the procedures they follow to provide clean and safe accommodations for travelers. Check the website to find something at a destination that appeals to you and eases any fears you may have of health risks.

Another option that may not immediately come to mind when traveling post pandemic is a recreational vehicle. You do not have to spend a small fortune to buy an RV. In fact, you do not have to buy one at all. RV rentals are available with some campgrounds offering to rent an RV that is already onsite, so you do not have to drive it. All you have to do is show up.

Of course, part of the fun of an RV is traveling in it, so you can rent one to drive to multiple destinations. An RV lets you stay safe while limiting contact with people outside of your family or traveling companions. It also may be friendly to your budget than hotels or other forms of overnight accommodations.

Do Not Forget The Essentials For Your Post Pandemic Adventures

It probably has been a while from when you last packed a bag to travel, so regardless of your mode of transportation or the accommodations you choose, try to make it as stress-free as possible. If you take medication, do not forget to pack enough to last throughout the entire trip. Depending upon where you are heading, getting refills can be a challenge, so take an ample supply.

Even if you are a seasoned traveler with a list of essential gear to pack, your pre-pandemic list may need to be modified to include the following:

• Face masks.
• COVID-19 vaccination card.
• Hand sanitizer.
• Disinfecting wipes.

Depending upon your comfort level, you may wish to add items to the list, such as latex gloves.

No matter where you go or what you take with you, remember to enjoy your journey. Use the time away to get outside and enjoy healthy activities during your post-pandemic travels.


Are restaurants currently open in Italy?

As of March 15th, 2021, restaurants in Italy are only allowed for take-out or home delivery until 10:00 pm. And you are not allowed to eat your meal outside or anywhere near the restaurant.

What Hotels are reopening?

Many hotels are welcoming back guests with a new set of cleaning protocols. Some of the hotel chains include Omni Hotels and Resorts, various gaming resorts, MGM Resorts, Wynn Resorts, Ceasers Entertainment, Las Vegas Sands, Mirage, Mandalay Bay, Park MGM, Wynn Resorts. Disneyland Resort in Anaheim is expected to open on April 30th, 2021.

Is the Covid-19 vaccine mandatory for travel?

Though the distribution of the vaccine is in its early stages, at the time of this article's posting, according to Forbes.com US airlines are not requiring proof of vaccination for domestic travel though selected cruise lines will be requiring it. However, certain airlines may require it in the future, especially for international travel.

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